ASR adheres to standards and best practices to evolve its solutions and maintain interconnectivity with other systems. We mainly rely on Open Source peer reviewed standards and practices. Here are some standards we use and where we use them.


ASR employs OGC Best Practices for improving access to geospatial systems. We rely on the following references in database systems/schema design and best practices:

  • Volume 0: Primer for the OGC CDB Standard: Model and Physical Data Store Structure.
  • Volume 8: CDB Spatial and Coordinate Reference Systems Guidance.

For additional information please refer to the OGC website:


ASR employs standards in Project Management and Execution. We use the European Commission Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens standards as laid out by their Open Project Management Methodology. Their toolkit is particularly helpful in project monitoring, planning and execution. For more information please visit: