Autonomous Systems Research Limited [ASR] is a Kenyan start-up multidisciplinary research team specializing in engineering research and its use in tackling conservation, humanitarian and other challenges. Our vision and mission are to solve social problems using technology appropriately adopted within context to match the challenge.

Here are our latest jobs.

Executive Assistant, (1) Post

Join us for a unique work opportunity and professional development as we explore solutions to challenges in conservation, humanitarian and related challenges.  As Executive assistant, you will provide assistance to the team through responsibilities outlined below.

Engineering & Computer Science Internships, Three (3) Posts

Join us for a unique 15-week internship that offers personal and professional development in engineering and related technologies. We believe solutions to challenges will evolve from the application of technology appropriately adopted within context, and we’re looking for three (3) candidates with backgrounds in roboticists, UX/UI designers, hardware and software engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians and related applied scientists to...

Computer Scientists &/or Engineers, Two (2) Posts

We are looking for professional developers & systems engineers highly skilled in engineering and related technologies. We believe solutions....